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Our drive to discover more has led us to create one of the most successful buyer and seller research units in the entire asset management industry. Our unique disciplines include quantitative research, basic research, currency forecasting and economic research. Besides that, many specialized research units have been developed by us, including one that explores common patterns affecting geography and various branches of industry. Our portfolio specialists take all of these research models into account in the process of creating portfolios, selecting securities, and giving professional investment tips.

Our advanced quantitative analyst teams create tools that dramatically increase the likelihood of member success. Such quantitative tools always help our fundamental analysts in terms of a gradual improvement of the accuracy of their forecasts. Others help our portfolio managers improve portfolios. Our cutting-edge asset-allocation research and risk-and-return models also help us in the development of effective, comprehensive and tailor-made investment solutions for institutional investors and individuals of all types. Some studies focus on the most complex issues of personal wealth management, including stock concentration, taxation, charity, and intergenerational transfer of property. Other research puts emphasis on complex investment-allocation solutions, including liquidity management and liability-driven investments.

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Viktoria Ray:

CIO, Founder.

A risk appears where your faltering performance starts, trust professionals in those spheres where you are short on competencies.

Julia Lacost:

CEO, Founder.

Safe investment should be like a flower growth or a tree turning green in spring, if you want extreme immediate results, then your way is casino.

Anderson Martins:

CFO, Founder.

Investment is not only a saving money process, but also a road to strategic goals. If you invest nothing, you receive nothing.

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Referral/affiliate Program is a system that let's you earn more when you refer someone to our services and person signs up, creates an account and whenever he/she invests - you get co-mission from their investment.

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